Denture Care


  • Dentures should be cleaned on a daily basis over a towel-lined sink to prevent breakage.
  • Dentures should be cleaned gently with a denture brush or a regular soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • When cleaning dentures, do not use regular toothpaste. Only use denture cleansing tablets, commercial powders or pastes that are designed for dentures.
  • A thorough rinsing will remove any leftover cleaning product as well as any debris that was loosened with the brush.
  • In addition to a regular cleaning, dentures should be removed and soaked overnight, or for a minimum of four hours.
  • It is important that dentures are never cleaned in harsh solutions, such as bleach. They should only be soaked in water or a commercial denture cleaner and always rinsed before using again.
  • Did you know that your gums need a rest as well? Gums should be cleaned and massaged with a regular, soft-bristled toothbrush, or a soft washcloth.
  • Dentures that are not fitting well should be checked by your dentist or visiting denturist.